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Your Brand as an Artifact

BIAS Detroit

BIAS: Brand Identity Animation Studio


Here is where brands come to LIFE. Suite Storees is here to share a piece of your storee via advertainment. Creating an extension of advertising, meet brandvertising. Your brand experience makes its debut as freeform art design of up to 50 cubic feet.


Our media + entertainment team captures artifacts of Michigan brands and shares these brandvertisements in our immersive and transformative content house. A social content house built by local brands, for locals. Here is where content is captured on a social platform that is unlike any other: Chapter 2022. Here are our Suite Storees.

Advertainment makes its debut here in its true glory-

authentically your way.

the beauty of our business,

it's yours

At Suite Storees, we are all about you. We're the catalyst between brands and brains. From the venue to the publications, you just be your selfie+ and go where you grow. We'll capture the rest.

We pave the pathway of innovation and imagination. Advertainment is our twist on experiential marketing. Our captivating selfie studios compiled with brandvertisements of Michigan's brands and artists cultivates an encompassing future of community connections.


Where better than to manifest this magic than at home? Here, in our immersive and transformative content house. At Suite Storees, we connect you to the story, the audience, and the platform. The brains and brands connect merely via the law of attraction; connection in its purest and most effortless form.


Here, the audience outreach is ultimately limitless and the opportunity is priceless.

This is the beauty of our business - it's yours.


3 words: Infinite. Potential. Outreach.

The power of social media knows no bounds. Furthermore, media is a multiplier. Brands connect limitlessly with community, peers, loved ones and most of all, the one within themselves. Suite Storees offers the connection avenues, the audience, and the platform to connect it all together. You never know who your storee connects with and how it connects to your next chapter. Here's to going and growing - to infinity and beyond.


Win-Win Advertising = BRANDVERTISING


No price tags

No sales agents

No right/wrong way to advertise

No maintenance

Multi-dimensional ad space!

Connect to others in designing + creating this piece

Have connections with other local creatives + creators of your design preference

Connection to your hometown

Show off the artist within you!



Building Brilliant Brands With Brilliant Minds

Social media has allowed for personalities to pursue entrepreneurship - everyone is their own independent brand. With countless brands too many to count, where is the one place these independent brands can co-create a community?

Here at Suite Storees.

Suite Storees is the catalyst for stores and their stories. We compile entrepreneurial endeavors as ARTifacts and display them throughout our selfie studios and immersive media labs. We catalyze advertising and entertainment to publish advertainment on a LIVE social platform: Chapter 2022. 

We are your home to innovation and imagination. 

We are the future of connections.

We are our Suite Storees.

The Brandvertising Process: 

ready, set, grow

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