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the beauty of our business,

it's yours

At Suite Storees, every thing is about perspective.

We pave the pathway of innovation and imagination and let you lead the way. We share with you the story, the audience, and the platform. A customer will connect with you through the law of attraction. Here, the audience outreach is ultimately limitless and the opportunity is priceless. This is the beauty of our business - it's yours.

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Bring your brand to L I F E


Suite Storees is here to share a piece of your story. There's no right or wrong way other than to do it your way. Whether you turn this into a company art competition or marvel on it on your own, we want you to know that your art is that you're art.

Embrace the experience.

here's how it works:

ready, set, grow

Printed Instagram Photos
Sign Up + Apply

1) Complete a Community Contributor Sign Up Form 




2) Submit payment for brand activation.

Annual Investment:


+ $1/Storee Piece Submission

Valid Until 12.31.2021

Share Your Storee

What's Your Story?

Decide how you'll design and construct your Storee Piece.

a) D.I.Y. - design + build with your brand

b) D.I.We - Consult with Suite Storees  for conceptualization, design of Storee Piece.

List of local brands for assembly + delivery provided.

Graffiti Artist
Community Contribution

Welcome to the land of the dreamers and the doers.

Home Suite Home.

As a Community Contributor, your storee piece will be displayed to locals in our Social Content House and shared with countless more social platforms via the users experiencing your storee.

Make History + the Future

Your art + You're Art.

Your Storee Piece will go as we grow. Suite Storees is holding on tight to your piece in our transportable home and as we move on from 2021, we'll move up the Community's Storee Pieces. A new chapter in 2022 is a perfect spot for you. 

That's right - a living time capsule. 

What a Suite Storee.

Sale Time
Start Your Suite Storee

Once you've completed design of your your exhibit piece, please schedule assembly/ delivery via the Community Contributor Portal. 

1- Schedule Assembly at BIAS

2 - Schedule Delivery to BIAS



3 words: Infinite. Potential. Outreach.

The power of social media knows no bounds. Furthermore, think of the connections you'll make with your community, your peers, your brand and most of all, the one within. Suite Storees offers the connection avenues, the audience, and the platform to tie it all together. You never know who your story connects with and how it connects to your next chapter. Here's to going and growing - to infinity and beyond.

Win-Win Advertising = BRANDVERTISING

No price tags

No sales agents

No right/wrong way to advertise

No maintenance

5D Ad space! WHAT!

Connect to others in designing + creating this piece

Have connections with other local creatives + creators of your design preference

Connection to your hometown

Show off the artist within you!


"B" is for

Brand + Brand In The Making

We're all a brand - an identity - some know who they are and others are trying to figure it out. At Suite Storees, we distinguish brands as actively operating businesses in the Michigan. Brands in the making is for the brands in search for the stepping stage to the next big business step or for future entrepreneurs.



9 AM - 9 PM









What's a community without everyone?

All ages and personalities are welcome.

Ages 6 + under free.


Suite Storees, LLC.

C O M I N G  S O O N