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Content is King
+ Queen and Everything In Between

Suite Storees is a media and entertainment company that's redefining social platform. Our publication? A publication for all seven senses - packaged on a platform of the future, dated for the past, experienced in the present. This is how you design your art. This is the power of you're art. We bridge the connections between pictures, personalities and positivity to cultivate creative content.

Experience Michigan.

Experience Michigan's Stores and Stories.

Experience our Suite Storees.

About -Who We Are


mission + vision

be your selfie+ go where you grow

We are here to remind everyone that together is a powerful place to be. Suite Storees offers a social platform to lead you in discovering the art around you and within you. Our intention is to connect you to growth in all its forms based on your perspective. Mental health is mental wealth at Suite Storees. After all, our storees are what connect us. Our mission is to create a community where youthful entrepreneurs can build the authentic name brand we are - to build our own blanks


Our vision is to see a community cultivated out of empowered selfies by constructing a community canvas for artists to build their brands out of their personas and loving themselves for it.  Our entertainment emporium is a catalyzing social platform for creatives and creators to come together and capture their content in our immersive and transformative social content house; a destination you were destined for. Here, be your selfie + go where you grow.  Home Suite Home.


A revolutionary media and entertainment company with zero media employees.

Designers + storytellers who cultivate creativity via advertisement + entertaining: advertainment.

Industry disruptor that is the catalyst for creatives and creators.

The social platform that's experienced with all seven senses.

A content mega-house that's built and sourced by local brands, for locals.

A multi-media marketing marketplace for independent brands.

A community magazine that you can walk through and be your selfie.

A Media and Entertainment Company that provides you a fill-in-the-blank multi-media publication
for you to capture and share the storee your way.

We are our Suite Storees

a Catalyst for the Dreamers + the Doers

Suite Storees is a dynamic advertainment company focused on community connections via the dreamers and the doers around it and within it. We connect, create, and cultivate our communities through dynamic media platforms, experiential marketing, and immersive creativity culture.

Our diverse storytelling along with our community connections sets the perfect foundation to go where you grow.

Our Publication
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