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Suite Storees is a media and entertainment company that's redefining social platform. Our publication? A magazine for all seven senses - packaged on a platform of the future, dated for the past, experienced in the present. Opportunity is here. SEE if you can spot it.


mission + vision

go where you grow.

We are here to remind everyone that together is a powerful place to be. Suite Storees is a social platform to lead you in discovering the art around you and within you. Our intention is to connect you to the right connections and you lead the journey you were destined for. We are the community canvas - you paint it, sing it, write it, or share it however you want. La La Land, imagine that.


Suite Storees is a revolutionary media company because we have zero media employees.

We create opportunities, cultivate connections and together become our own community contributors.

The brands below are nominated storytellers sharing our story, their way.

Suite Storees is here to share the spotlight on them. Stay connected and subscribe to our newsletter  as we'll hit shuffle on these independent artists and give more rising stars their time to shine.

Take a peak into their story and see how your stories connect.

Amera Fattah

Suite Storees


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a Catalyst for the Dreamers + the Doers

Suite Storees is a dynamic media company focused on communities and the dreamers and the doers around it and within it. We connect, create, and cultivate our communities through dynamic media platforms, experiential marketing, and immersive creativity culture. Our diverse storytelling along with our community connections sets the perfect foundation to go where you grow.



gratitude is the attitude, always.

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