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Our Publication

Vol. 1 | Ch. 2023

the year you go where you grow

Suite Storees has four essential publications: 

  • Digital:
    Our Social Networks
    @SuiteStorees + @BIASdetroit

  • Physical Venue:
    Our BIAS: Brand Identity Animation Studios

  • Physical Book:
    Michigan Yearbook: Ch.2023

  • Virtual Reality:
    Our Brands  (Mixed Media Book available)

Sorting Images

Win-Win Advertising = BRANDVERTISING


No price tags

No sales agents

No right/wrong way to advertise

No maintenance

Multi-dimensional ad space!

Connect to others in designing + creating this piece

Have connections with other local creatives + creators of your design preference

Connection to your hometown

Show off the artist within you!


Building Brilliant Brands With Brilliant Minds

Social media has allowed for personalities to pursue entrepreneurship - everyone is their own independent brand. With countless brands too many to count, where is the one place these independent brands can co-create a community?

Here at Suite Storees.

Suite Storees is the catalyst for stores and their stories. From the journey of a suite to the c-suite, we compile entrepreneurial endeavors as ARTifacts and display them throughout our selfie studios and immersive media labs. We catalyze advertising and entertainment to publish advertainment on a LIVE social platform: Chapter 2023. 

We are your home to innovation and imagination. 

We are the future of connections.

We are our Suite Storees.

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