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Special Events Assistant

The Special Events Assistant is responsible for assisting in the planning, coordination, and execution of
various special events. This position requires excellent organizational skills, attention to detail, and the
ability to work in a fast-paced environment. You will work closely with the events team to ensure the
smooth operation of all events and provide exceptional support to both Marketing and Events
Departments and Client-Vendors.

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About the “Special Events Assistant”

1. Assist in the planning and coordination of special events, including conferences, seminars, fundraisers,
and corporate functions.
2. Collaborate with the events team to develop event concepts, themes, and objectives.
3. Conduct research to identify potential event venues, vendors, and suppliers.
4. Assist in negotiating contracts and agreements with vendors and suppliers.
5. Coordinate event logistics, including venue setup, audiovisual equipment, catering, and transportation.
6. Assist in managing event budgets and tracking expenses.
7. Prepare event materials, such as invitations, programs, and signage.
8. Assist in marketing and promoting events through various channels, including social media and email
9. Provide on-site support during events, including registration, guest assistance, and troubleshooting.
10. Assist in post-event evaluation and analysis, including gathering feedback and preparing reports.

- High school diploma or equivalent; bachelor's degree in event management or related field is a plus.
- Proven experience in event planning or coordination.
- Strong organizational and time management skills.
- Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
- Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite and event management software.
- Ability to work well under pressure and meet tight deadlines.
- Flexibility to work evenings and weekends, as required.

On-Call, Temporary, Contract
Evenings and Weekends as Needed
Must be local to Metro Detroit and within Sixty (60) Mile Radius of Detroit, Michigan

At Suite Storees, we embrace a hybrid work model that combines the flexibility of remote work with the
benefits of in-person collaboration. Our employees can work both remotely and, in our office, allowing
for a balanced and productive work environment. We believe that this hybrid approach fosters creativity,
teamwork, and work-life balance. The attire is business casual for any office work, remote meetings, and
brand representation. The attire for on-site events is selectively business formal for in-person meetings,
client-hosted events, and brand representation.
Please note that this job description is a general outline of the responsibilities and requirements for a
Special Events Assistant position. Actual job duties may vary depending on the client specifications and
event type.

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