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Advertising your brand - your way


There is no brand like yours - we get it. We understand that what makes your brand brilliant is you and your storee. That's why we've designed a social platform just for you. A multi-media marketing marketplace for independent brands. Home Suite Home. 


Suite Storees wants to capture your entrepreneurial journey and display it as an ARTifact in our immersive selfie studios + media labs.

Need help getting started conceptualizing your ARTifact? Here are some idea sparks:

- If you were a cartoon character, which one would it be? Would you create a totally new one? 

- What is the goal of your ARTifact? Is it to attract attention? Demonstrate your company values? 

- Is your ARTifact a person, place or thing? Is it a vignette of them all?

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

BeYourSelf Bridal Shop
Rite Personal Training
Troy Travel Agency
Lavish Landscaping Company
BTS: behind-the-scenes of

brains + brands

Suite Storees is the platform for your brand to advertise its storee as an ARTifact. We collect ARTifacts of Michigan's independent brands + artists across all stages and share them in our immersive media labs.

Our media and entertainment team is ready to help you connect the dots through connections at our spots. Your ARTifact can be anything from a promotional item with your logo or the first briefcase you carried as CEO of your law firm. Brandvertising is intended for you to advertise your brand experience as an ARTifact.

We'll connect you to the audience, the platform + the publication: our LIVE Michigan community canvas.

You've got our storee. What's yours?

see some sample storees:

there's only one way to brandvertise here -- the way you want

The BBold Social Curator
The BBold Social Curator

SAMPLE "Be Bold as Can B" - @The BBold Social Curator Photo by

4Kiddoz Daycare Center
4Kiddoz Daycare Center

SAMPLE "Step into academics + athletics" - 4Kiddoz Daycare Center Photo by

LikeItIs Law Firm
LikeItIs Law Firm

SAMPLE "Cut the BS" - LikeItIs Law Firm Photo by:

Strongur Coffee + Cafe
Strongur Coffee + Cafe

SAMPLE "Stay Strong" - Stronger Coffee + Cafe Photo by:

Family Fitness Stadium
Family Fitness Stadium

SAMPLE "Have fun + be done" - Family Fitness Stadium Photo by

Localite Floral Shoppe
Localite Floral Shoppe

SAMPLE "Forever your fun fleuriste!" - Localite Floral Shoppe Photo by

Metro Detroitee Realty
Metro Detroitee Realty

SAMPLE "Welcome Home to the Artful Detroit" - Metro Detroitee Realty Photo by:

Dr. Lukas Optometry
Dr. Lukas Optometry

SAMPLE "Made You Look" - Dr. Lukas Optometry + Team Photo by

Lisa's Dessert Shop
Lisa's Dessert Shop

SAMPLE: "Hello, Sweeties!" - Lisa's Dessert Shop Photo by:




Consult with our designer(s) to create your brandvertisement.

 If you've already got something in mind but want to build it with other local businesses, we've got a connection for you.


We're happy to connect you with local contractors in the assembly of your brandvertisement during the making process or the delivery process. Please reach out to Suite Storees.



Schedule delivery of your brandvertisement below. 

If assembly is required with your delivery, please contact us prior to scheduling a delivery appointment.

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Every part of the storee makes it that much sweeter.

Let's connect our social platforms. 

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